The Many Faces of You

Issue 7


The Many Faces of You

The seventh issue of A Shade Colder takes a closer look at our many faces, around and within. The face is a marker of identity, supposedly one that helps others to recognise us throughout our lives, yet a face is subject to considerable change throughout a person’s life, and we all wear several. For better or worse, some of our faces are only revealed in private, while others are crafted for various public encounters.


The contributors to this issue include Cecilia Alemani, Johanna Hedva, Lilian Hiob, Lucy Ivanova, Kaarin Kivirähk, Triin Reidla, Anti Saar, Mētra Saberova, Pire Sova, Elnara Taidre. The cover features a photo of Edith Karlson's project "Hora lupi".


A Shade Colder donates 50% of the proceeds of our sales to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.


Product information:

- Comes with a special edition stickers sheet, designed by Lucy Ivanova

- Bound in Swiss binding