Shifting Timelines + A Shade Colder Shirt

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Shifting Timelines + A Shade Colder Shirt
Shifting Timelines + A Shade Colder Shirt
Shifting Timelines + A Shade Colder Shirt

For the ultimate fans of A Shade Colder we offer a deal which includes the latest issue Shifting Timelines that comes together with the limited edition shirt. The shirts are designed and sewn in Estonia and made of deadstock fabrics.


The fourth issue, Shifting Timelines, brings together a varied selection of writers, thinkers, artists and curators to reflect on the notion of changing narratives. Timelines are often used as tools for (re)arranging narratives about the past and equally so for creating future projections. Compiling a timeline also means including certain events, people and perspectives, and excluding others.


Sometimes projected timelines become disrupted or broken due to historical and/or personal events – how do we refocus and re-evaluate to regain our bearings? Sometimes, shifting timelines can seem like an impossible task but focusing alternative and parallel timelines can also create new knowledge, contributing towards a new future.


The contributors to this issue include Brigit Arop, Maria Arusoo, Jaak Juske, Kaarin Kivirähk, Concordia Klar, Kateryna Lisovenko, Angela Maasalu, Thomas Röske, Eda Tuulberg, Mari Vallikivi, Aro Velmet. The cover image is Safe from the Snowdrift (1978) by Concordia Klar. 


In an effort to contribute to envisioning more hopeful and safe future timelines, A Shade Colder will continue donating 50% of the proceeds of our sales to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.


Magazine information:

- Comes with a special edition stickers sheet, designed by Kateryna Lisovenko

- Bound in Swiss binding


Limited edition shirt information:

- Made in Estonia from deadstock fabrics

- Comes in cream, light lavender, dark blue and black, one size

- Silk screen print